Think Pink

jacket: ASOS
t-shirt: Supreme
jeans: & Other Stories
shoes: Nike AF1's
bag: Dump Collective

I got more items in the shades between red and white the other day and I feel pretty enthusiastic about it. Although winter is on its way, I'm still keeping my wardrobe bright. Let's see what happens!

photos: Rhys Cox / CM



A Bright One

jacket: Levi's, tee: SCRT, skirt: She In, bag: De-fec'tsocks: 5 Preview, sandals: Teva

In the last couple of months or maybe even in the beginning of the year, I've developed an infatuation over the colours red and yellow. It's not relatable to my addiction to cheddar and Sriracha or is it? I don't know. I'm not entirely sure what caused it.

So, when I was in Brighton, I found a wall that not literally but figuratively screamed a loud "HEY GIRL" at me. Fortunately, Rhys and his little lens are always ready for these type of crazy circumstances. The wall may have phallic signs but I blended in really well! Kudos to this one-size-too-small skirt from SheIn and this rad Matilda tee from SCRT for harmonising with the aesthetic.




top: Weekday
blazer: Charity shop
trousers, bag: Zara
shoes: Nike AF1's

A hobby (I guess we'll call it that now) I enjoy is hunting for vintage or second-hand items. That's exactly what I did today. My hunt was sadly a fail (#failingathobbies2017). Since I've come home with zero treasures, I'd like to feel better and share that this blazer is in fact from an old vintage store. If we are social media friends, then you would have seen me wearing it tons. It's a great treasure honestly.

Speaking of failing and uncertainty, check this t-shirt out. I truly live for this tee. Thanks to Weekday!




A photo diary...

Tigers Jaw came to serenade us in Brighton last weekend.  Here they were being all emo and the best:

We stayed at a sweet airbnb not far from town and we met another Jack. He was huge and fluffy and made us feel at home.

Our buddy @iambratwurst gave the boys snazzy stick and pokes. You should follow him. His work is rad! He's also a great tour guide. We love him:)

We stuffed our faces with tasty meals and truly instagramable places. Redroaster is probably our favourite. Shogun comes second only because this is where Jack lost his sake virginity and it was a great.

photos: Rhys / Chariza

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