ABOUT ME | Blank White Space (intro)

Take a moment to infuse cheeky information yet important factors about me.

Here I am sitting in front of this blank white box trying to come out with a fancy description of myself and figuring out what I have to offer. Honestly, Since 2010, I've been attempting to fill this empty space with words that associate with Chariza (yes, that's me. Hi!).

My mind is this spacious thing filled with unexplained and unspoken matters along with other things that associate the "normal thinking". I see some things that are not "that" or "too" important in daily life, but I want them to mean something! And it is sometimes difficult to comprehend what the heck I mean. This is where the art of visuals come through. For me, art is something that essentially completes a being. There are things we can't explain but our eyes are fully aware of it. Everyone has their own form of creative thinking. This is why I want to share and communicate my innovative & the most random thoughts with you.
From experiencing the common layout set for a youth (growing up, school, college, and so on), I have yet to know myself and see what I really am about. What I do know is my high admiration of creativity; from art, fashion, photography, culture, film & many more. So for now, without pretence, I'd say I am a visualist. I spent my time learning and wanting to become an artist. I just simply want people to see what goes through this big bubble in my head. I want to document my life obsessions and experiences. Hopefully, I get to communicate my personal thoughts, odd ideas, moods and my likes and dislikes using aspects that I find visually soothing & satisfying. This will be presented through my personal style, places, people (anything and everything that I fancy).
Mostly, it will all be about fashion, art, people, places eatery and miscellaneous bits. The whole of it will be just a clutter of visual mess. 
We'll see how it goes from here..

- Chariza <3