It's never too late for that Alexander Wang x HM buzz, at least for me. It was an outright surprise to find this scuba jumper from the pile of many great things gifted to me this Christmas. As you know, the collection swiftly vanished off the store last month, so I am certainly so stoked for it. This piece could potentially be a trusty partner in crime during the continuing winter months with its warmth giving and wind protecting factor.

What gave me another real excitement are these black trousers (again gifted to me). I have been a long-time hunter (like a real serious one) of cigarette trousers and only in Dorothy Perkins did I find a number of perfect pairs for my petite frame. I've already bought them in grey, which I wore during Christmas dinner (posted yesterday). I never expected to find great things in there, but guys do check them out for good pieces with good prices!

To my dear Santa babies, thank you for these thrilling presents. I'd surely be welcoming the new year with these.

Have a great New Year everyone!

top: Alexander Wang x HM | shirt: H&M  |  trousers: Dorothy Perkins | bag: (gifted) | shoes: Vans

Jolly Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The festivities aren't on its end yet. I hope you all are having a jolly time with your loved ones and received all things you wished for.

All the best, 

Chariza x

Before November Ends

Alexander Wang x HM | Vans Old Skool | Zara Boots

Hi my name is Chariza and I am really foul at bloggin'. I haven't neglected this space but I do feel thoroughly bad for leaving it empty for weeks or even months? Since November is coming to an end, I thought I'd share a few new things that I have been favouring lately including these WangxHM pieces and these two pairs I've currently added to my foot gear collection. 

bomber jacket: Primark 

And here's for the overused bomber jacket I got from Primark last month for just £7. Cheers for that Primark!


top: M&S | culottes: H&M | bag: Zara | shoes: &otherstories

I have been meaning to get my hands on a pair of culottes or with an added cheeky pun, I shall name them coolottes (as you know, they're cool). A few days ago, I was graced with luck as this last pair sat there on my local H&M sale aisle, waiting for my "I do". Priced for only £7? Of course, that's a yes. Although they're a size or 2 big on me, they still hang there so everything is dandy. Even the freezing gloomy days are to come, I can tell my coolottes and I will go far and beyond.

In the middle of writing this, I feel that I have to address that I am not in any type of romantic desires with a pair of garment (lol). I apologise dearly. Though, I do hope you find yourself a pair as I just went a little happy and kooky with this amazing bargain!

Effortless they say...

Unpleasant car parks, dirty walls, dim lighting, nothing stops me from that ootd snapping situation. Again, there's nothing too lavish here. It's as simple as it gets: cotton shirts, leather jeans, brim hats and trusty trainers (lent by the sis, ta!). You know, decent dressing does not require a lot of thinking. Well, sometimes!

top: Thrifted | trousers: Topshop | trainers: New Balance

Long Over Short

hat: H&M | top: Zara |  cardigan: Primark |  jeans: Levi's | shoes: Topshop | bag: Zara

Despite being 5 ft something, I find myself enjoying the perks of long cardis. This grey piece from Primark has been keeping me snug while the Autumn wind hits and it surely will come handy druing the winter months; great for layering under jackets/coats. The material sits just right over my short frame. It doesn't drown me and makes me feel smaller than I already am. For it being priced at only £12, I'm certainly fulfilled. 


top: Thrifted | jeans: Levi's | shoes: Zara | bag: Primark

Before I go through the day, I dress with a thought of "maybe this will be blogged today, maybe it won't". It does pain me that whenever I'm eager and excited to blog about a specific piece of clothing or ensemble, it goes to a delay or it just doesn't happen at all. I have many well-thought-out ootd's that have come to waste, the disappointing sigh of "I made efforts for today but I haven't shared/posted it anywhere". As pathetic as that may sound, I know a lot of style enthusiasts can relate. With that being said, here's one of those "it just happened" kind of style posts. Nothing fancy here but my forever favourite chelsea boots and these printed top my mum found from a car boot sale which has a perfectly light & slightly thick material, great for that autumn breeze.

Oh BOBby!

photo 1 c.o. tumblr

Hair is somewhat identified as this beloved and most precious possession of most of us women. I for one, lived in a fear of getting my strands introduced to BOB for many years. I've always had the short and boyish chop during my childhood so since the start of my development as a woman (ahuh LOL), I got away from Bob. However, recently, exactly this summer of 2014 when LOB (long bobs) we're rocked by many, I thought they looked oh so fine so I was like 'YES! That's it. I think I need Bob in my life again.' Mentioned with my recent post, is the "short hair syndrome". Well, I have pinned and saved way too many haircuts and styles possible. 

A "self-portrait with cropped hair by Frida Kahlo" moment, I believe I might be having. No I am not going through a heartbreak/divorce nor do I prioritise a man's opinion about this matter (all smiles). Oh and a cropped hair always looks good with a pair of suit. Thanks Kahlo! 

Anyway, this is just a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone. I honestly had this "OMG, beautiful hair no more" situatio. Only a few or less than normal amount of selfies have been introduced to my camera roll since my first cut which ha! I thought that was ridiculous. I mean I did not get no pixie, I still have a pretty weighty amount of hair. I can not be sad about that. So another note to self and to others: short hair does not mean your less of a woman than the others i.e. Victoria Secret Angels or something. No! If you're looking into getting involved with bobby, pixie, baldy or even just a trim please do not hesitate. A haircut always makes you reckless and daring. That's attractive. Rawr!

Brown & Blurry

top: Thrifted | jeans: Ragged Priest | bag: Zara | shoes: Zara

Excuse the well-done and rich quality of these browny photos. Excuse the sarcasm too. Here is my OOTD as a support system for a friend going for a hair chop (we're all having this short hair syndrome). It was just my usual laid back day followed with local lattes, nothing biggy. Though, I have a huge obsession with these boots. They are like my best buddies at the moment, and that whenever I travel somewhere for as short as 3 days, I have to bring them along with me. What do you think? It's a YAY for me.


I have not had a chance to blog lately so here's an insta diary. No excuse, just really enjoyed having days with no tasks, waking up late, eating out, etc. I was staying in London for a while and sadly, I did not keep my blogging mind with me. I've also cut my hair to the shortest length it has ever been since I had my Asian Dora and mushroom hairdo back when I was 10 or something? If I dare to go foolhardy about it, I might just chop an inch or two shorter but I'm not entirely sure If I'm ready for that drastic life change.

Please check and follow me on instagram for quick outfits, food, art, selfies and all those nice things. @chariza_ 

Youthful Spirit

t-shirt: Cheap Monday | slip dress: Mum's Wardrobe | boots: Zara | bag: NewLook | necklace: cross: Gift, spikes: Forever21 

Here I am a 21 year old forever struggling to prove my age. If that shocks you, I am 21, I promise! I do wonder why that's the case but with this apparently infant-like face and my occasional youthful sense of dressing, it does make a tiny sense. And so, to confuse the strangers even more, I thought I'd opt for this Dutch/boxer braids or with what I like to call, Million Dollar Babe hairdo. Now I look more of a 16 year old. As much as it bothers me, being youthful is a great thing. I know I'm going to thank my baby-face genes, later, in a decade or so. I don't have much to say about this ensemble but slogan and graphic t-shirts are my thing this summer. This is how I usually wear oversized ones. Baggy tees plus a lace trim slip equals to Chariza being effortlessly chic and swanky. 

Hope you're well guys. Stay in that youthful spirit. HA!



Less Effort, Better Chances

dress: Bebe | top: Topshop | bag: Debenhams | heels: Primark

I do wear colours though whenever I doubt an attire of the day it always results to a safe and simple combo. Safe to me equals to blacks, whites or greys. This is an old Bebe dress from 2 or 3 years ago. It is one of my many dresses that I give a lot of wear and love once upon a little heat wave a year, perfect over bikinis or as a party wear. However, I needed to go for this 'demure' look. Honestly, I think I was just bringing back fond memories from American Horror Story season 2 (lol right?). The dress reveals a whole lot around the chest area so to give me little decency in that field, I layered this white crop top underneath. I feel strongly about playing with fabric and using contrasting textures in minimal dressing so I appreciate the the ribbed detail of the top in contrast with the soft flow of the dress. Oh and also, I'm totally obsessed with wearing sling bags the Mommy way or across the body for those that don't get the humour.