OUTFIT | Twinning

blazer: thrifted,  tapered trousers: Primark,  turtle neck top: Thrifted,  hats: H&M,  slip on shoes: NewLook,   SISTER'S -   jacket: Tkmaxx,  scarf: Pull&Bear,  bag: Asian Boutique,  jeans: Uniqlo

I have recently found myself obsessing on slip on shoes and I've shared this obsession with my sister. Easy and effortless are perfect words to describe them really. I mean those over used words may be quite sickening in the world of style blogging but I don't think I can find any other words to describe them. They are trainers at the end of the day but if you happen to know any let me know so I won't feel that uncreative and boring about it.
My sister and I have a lot of matching piece; seen here from the head wear and foot gear. As I think of it now, we do actually own a few matching pieces in our wardrobe. I don't know maybe it's the whole sisterly situation. We share our appreciation in aestethics of some things but we have different styles. She usually dress accessibly and more classic although she did say that she's been enjoying the whole "urban vibe" on things these days, even mentioning Rihanna as we discussed it. With my style preference however, as much as I've been loving the whole skirt thing, I do often find me on a menswear inspired and androgynous fits (always).