My week with Assault

Despite the bipolar weather, this week has been certainly thrilling and most likely the most exciting. Competitions/giveaways are cluttered around each corner of every social media and I have not yet been lucky to win anything by that I mean nothing at all in my entire existence (I think). During the holidays, I came across this #TBAxCK giveaway on Instagram. I joined (for the first time) and I did have a little shock when I found that I've won these TBA Assault boots. The giveaway was hosted by blogger Lindsey form complanceykills, shopacrimony and TBA shoes. 

I have been taking these shoes in a number of my daily journeys and I can say I've fallen for them. They have such good cut, perfect pointed shape, harness, western style and the not so over the top velvet material. They are predictably going to be part of the collection of my most adored ankle boots. I have also included them in my general favourites along with a good cup of coffee, cappucino heart, latte art and sea side strolling.