Exploring Galleries

Not only it is an inspiration, but it is motivating. Exploring galleries is something I truly adore and spontaneous visits are always the most exciting. With a good company, a friend that understand your aestecthics, it just gets better.

There are few galleries that I'm always keen to visit. One of which is the Saatchi Gallery. Having this appreciation of contemporary art, I expects that there is always something there for me and in most cases, there is.
I am trying to attain this goal of having at least every month of spontaneous or planned visit to a gallery or exhibition. Art is an admiration that I want to be closer to no matter what it is I do. It's something that keeps me sane. It keeps me going, thinking and widens my knowledge about the society, the world and all the little or big thing it has to offer. Reading and seeing art through papers, magazines and now online, that's okay but being physically present around the art itself is not only seeing it, it's experiencing the work. It gets you to visualise and understand it's intention as you then share a connection and personal meaning to it. 

Other things that caught my attention:

And then the grubs...