Skin On Skin

#1 photo by: Vogue
blazer - H&M  |  top - Asos Men  |  shorts - Vintage Levi's  |  bag - Topshop  |  sunnies - H&M

HEY! I'm back and I'm here coming at you with some skin hues. What the heck is skin hues? Well, I was strolling through Calvin Klein S/S 15 Menswear collection and found myself really enjoying how Italo Zuchelli played with the layers of skin. "The skin is essential. It's our main piece of clothing" he said. I think that the playful nudes and the textures used depicts the skin's character well. For me, it gives that delicateness and gelatinous feel to it (as weird as that may sound). i-D has a great article all about it. It's worth reading! 

Here's how I introduced that skin-on-skin collection to my errands day; simplified and toned down of course. 

Hope you enjoy. Another style related post will be up in a few days so keep connected!


I was recently strolling around the Liverpool Street and Shoreditch area when I came across this small coffee stop, The Liberty Of Norton Folgate Coffee Shop. 

There are two characters that makes the coffee shop a success. First, the place itself; it's personality, the look and the feel. Then, of course, the taste; "the perfecly brewed/blended coffee" and the food with it.

I can't describe the atmosphere in here in any other simple word but cool. It has this elongated and rectangular space with the three dividing area of till/take-away, sitting area and the kitchen in between. They can only accommodate a few however I find the interiors so pleasing to the eye; the industrial ceiling, geometric lights, the very gallery like ambiance, the hanging arts and wall illustration. The whole visual aesthetic side of the shop is just really up my street. I also enjoy it being offhand. Despite of being slightly modernistic and industrial in interiors, I felt at rest because of it's friendly environment. What I really dig the most is the fact that the kitchen or the "brewing lab" (as I call it) is live and also interactive. You can go through it to get to the till to check out the grubs. I guess this was the case because of the layout and the division of the place but I think this gives it character.

"We make coffee using beans from some of the world's finest coffee estates and the UK's best roasters." they claimed. This is a speciality and quality coffee shop which I fell in love with. It was a really pleasant visit for me. I always tend to go for milk based espressos and I was more than impressed by their latte. I feel that it suits my taste just right. It has the perfect amount of milkiness and tang of roasted espresso.

I am no coffee connoisseur yet though I have a massive infatuation with coffee, cafes and the art of it. This place definitely hit my favourite list and I am looking forward to visiting again.