Youthful Spirit

t-shirt: Cheap Monday | slip dress: Mum's Wardrobe | boots: Zara | bag: NewLook | necklace: cross: Gift, spikes: Forever21 

Here I am a 21 year old forever struggling to prove my age. If that shocks you, I am 21, I promise! I do wonder why that's the case but with this apparently infant-like face and my occasional youthful sense of dressing, it does make a tiny sense. And so, to confuse the strangers even more, I thought I'd opt for this Dutch/boxer braids or with what I like to call, Million Dollar Babe hairdo. Now I look more of a 16 year old. As much as it bothers me, being youthful is a great thing. I know I'm going to thank my baby-face genes, later, in a decade or so. I don't have much to say about this ensemble but slogan and graphic t-shirts are my thing this summer. This is how I usually wear oversized ones. Baggy tees plus a lace trim slip equals to Chariza being effortlessly chic and swanky. 

Hope you're well guys. Stay in that youthful spirit. HA!