Long Over Short

hat: H&M | top: Zara |  cardigan: Primark |  jeans: Levi's | shoes: Topshop | bag: Zara

Despite being 5 ft something, I find myself enjoying the perks of long cardis. This grey piece from Primark has been keeping me snug while the Autumn wind hits and it surely will come handy druing the winter months; great for layering under jackets/coats. The material sits just right over my short frame. It doesn't drown me and makes me feel smaller than I already am. For it being priced at only £12, I'm certainly fulfilled. 


top: Thrifted | jeans: Levi's | shoes: Zara | bag: Primark

Before I go through the day, I dress with a thought of "maybe this will be blogged today, maybe it won't". It does pain me that whenever I'm eager and excited to blog about a specific piece of clothing or ensemble, it goes to a delay or it just doesn't happen at all. I have many well-thought-out ootd's that have come to waste, the disappointing sigh of "I made efforts for today but I haven't shared/posted it anywhere". As pathetic as that may sound, I know a lot of style enthusiasts can relate. With that being said, here's one of those "it just happened" kind of style posts. Nothing fancy here but my forever favourite chelsea boots and these printed top my mum found from a car boot sale which has a perfectly light & slightly thick material, great for that autumn breeze.