Youthful Spirit

t-shirt: Cheap Monday | slip dress: Mum's Wardrobe | boots: Zara | bag: NewLook | necklace: cross: Gift, spikes: Forever21 

Here I am a 21 year old forever struggling to prove my age. If that shocks you, I am 21, I promise! I do wonder why that's the case but with this apparently infant-like face and my occasional youthful sense of dressing, it does make a tiny sense. And so, to confuse the strangers even more, I thought I'd opt for this Dutch/boxer braids or with what I like to call, Million Dollar Babe hairdo. Now I look more of a 16 year old. As much as it bothers me, being youthful is a great thing. I know I'm going to thank my baby-face genes, later, in a decade or so. I don't have much to say about this ensemble but slogan and graphic t-shirts are my thing this summer. This is how I usually wear oversized ones. Baggy tees plus a lace trim slip equals to Chariza being effortlessly chic and swanky. 

Hope you're well guys. Stay in that youthful spirit. HA!



Less Effort, Better Chances

dress: Bebe | top: Topshop | bag: Debenhams | heels: Primark

I do wear colours though whenever I doubt an attire of the day it always results to a safe and simple combo. Safe to me equals to blacks, whites or greys. This is an old Bebe dress from 2 or 3 years ago. It is one of my many dresses that I give a lot of wear and love once upon a little heat wave a year, perfect over bikinis or as a party wear. However, I needed to go for this 'demure' look. Honestly, I think I was just bringing back fond memories from American Horror Story season 2 (lol right?). The dress reveals a whole lot around the chest area so to give me little decency in that field, I layered this white crop top underneath. I feel strongly about playing with fabric and using contrasting textures in minimal dressing so I appreciate the the ribbed detail of the top in contrast with the soft flow of the dress. Oh and also, I'm totally obsessed with wearing sling bags the Mommy way or across the body for those that don't get the humour.

Let's go for a burger

top - Zara   |  shirt - gift (Select)  |  leather trousers - Topshop

In honour of this grill and smoke-house with fat juicy burgers, I've decided to go for this monochromatic holy-biting look. Perfect is the word really as of the obvious print and the oversized fit to hide many things when you yourself start feeling a bit oversized. This hairstyle is also really good to avoid distraction and mess for the already untidy burger biting situation you're in. I do enjoy my burgers and Mangeout is worth trying! If that's impossible, check their instagram for more amazingly salivating photo experience.

Hello July

top - New Look  |  skirt - H&M  |  bag - Mango  |  slides - Topshop  |  sunnies - Bricklane

July has started and I don't waste a 'get those legs out' day. Without making this a weather forecast, England still experiences some chills. Therefore whenever the sun is out, one does not lose opportunity of rocking thy summer fits. Here's my outfit of choice for a mini house gathering. The faux snake skin skirt is about 3 years old but still well and happily living in my wardrobe. The material is quite a statement but has an earthy shade which makes outfits less excessive. Paired with this neoprene crop top, I believe I managed to pull off a simple/basic do with some interesting textures. I finished the look with some complimentary accessories, some white slides and introduced colour with the Mango sling bag. What do you think? Let me know!

Have a good day, month, year, etc. I'm turning 21 soon so I might post something about that. I guess? Maybe?