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I have been meaning to get my hands on a pair of culottes or with an added cheeky pun, I shall name them coolottes (as you know, they're cool). A few days ago, I was graced with luck as this last pair sat there on my local H&M sale aisle, waiting for my "I do". Priced for only £7? Of course, that's a yes. Although they're a size or 2 big on me, they still hang there so everything is dandy. Even the freezing gloomy days are to come, I can tell my coolottes and I will go far and beyond.

In the middle of writing this, I feel that I have to address that I am not in any type of romantic desires with a pair of garment (lol). I apologise dearly. Though, I do hope you find yourself a pair as I just went a little happy and kooky with this amazing bargain!

Effortless they say...

Unpleasant car parks, dirty walls, dim lighting, nothing stops me from that ootd snapping situation. Again, there's nothing too lavish here. It's as simple as it gets: cotton shirts, leather jeans, brim hats and trusty trainers (lent by the sis, ta!). You know, decent dressing does not require a lot of thinking. Well, sometimes!

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