Like most of the coffee obsessed, 'my blood type is coffee'. Apparently.  

My aspiration of becoming this coffee connoisseur is still an ongoing drama. And while my serious (and let's say exclusive) plans for this matter has been stuck wandering in my never ending life-to-do-list, I regularly derive inspiration through visiting many cafes that offers their specialty brews. To simplify this statement, I basically find more adventure in going to small chain coffee spots far from the usual Starbucks, Costa, etc. Oh, what a load of blabbing... Let's get into Talkhouse Coffee. 

Talkhouse is located in Portobello Rd. If you like going around and hanging in Portobello Rd, I'm pretty sure you would have seen or known about this charm with interiors customized in a contemporary, very clean Scandinavian style. If you haven't, then ugh why? Please do so immediately if you can. This spot is really a front-runner in the record of my highly-admired cafes based in London.

A good cup of a flat white is something that is dear to my heart (yup, cute caffeine feels, let it be!). So I shall add, the usual coffee terms and lingos, you know the so called flat whites and the lattes, etc., well they're not applied here. In Talkhouse, we talk with ounces. 

drink menu photo c/o google &
I am not an avid tea drinker, but I find their selections here rather intriguing. They also dish out an adequate amount of grub choices; from breakfast, brunch, lunch to pastries. Every delightful nibbles, the scrumptious carrot cake and all the great quality food I've tried from my visits are always truly appreciated.

So, if you're ever around the area, don't just take a gander. Experience Talkhouse!


The comfiest of all. 

Two seasons after purchasing this really cozy semi-flared trousers, it was left stashed and tucked away somewhere in my clothes pile. Now, it has come out of its hiding. I teamed it up with these other relaxed and basic pieces. I mean what else do I say about that? I am practically roaming around the city with a potential sleeping attire. Ugh. Cozy life? YAY! 

coat: H&M | blazer: Select | top: Topshop | trousers: H&M | shoes: Vans | bag: Primark | 
necklaces: Topshop, Primark, most are reworked and made by me


Yesterday, I parked myself somewhere under the beaming sunshine of April 2015 (gotta love roomy car parks on Sundays). I still cannot draw myself out of my monochromatic habit though I look forward to spray some elements of boho touch in my 'fits as the sun continually feed me with bliss. This boho feels was evident in my last post. Here, I went for more of a clean-cut look, though my shoes have this snake print and rough texture that keeps me from that vibe.

jumpsuit, top, back: Primark | jacket: Mum's hand-me-down | shoes: Pretty Little Thing 


Well hello there! Life really got in the way and my lengthy absence has restrained me even more instead of motivating me from filling this space with new contents. Luckily, there's always a light under a gloom. Today, that "light" arose. My little beach town has been soaked with a lot of Vitamin D so I went down the sea side with my oh so lovely sib. There, we stuffed our faces with some fish and chips and gulped some lattes (brunch life always & 4evar). We then found this green spot away from all the beach splashing and tanning chaos and shot my all-black-under-the-heat attire of the day.

I hope you all England living folks enjoyed the showers of the 20-22 degree weather because we all know it doesn't happen often!

Another update: blondie... Let me know what you think!

tops: both Vintage | skirt: Charity Shop | hat: H&M | jacket H&M | shoes: &Otherstories

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