At this very moment, while evaluating the ambiance built upon this ratchet behavior, *ding ding* I had a thought. "Ratchet? Is that still a thing?". Do you remember when it was everywhere?

This current age evolves too quickly. The slangs and amusing lingos from bae's to fleek's, just confirm this quick-paced evolution (amirite? lols). The crazy, contemplative and at the same time blithe world of digital/social media has lead me to a pause - amused with these fads. There's a lot I see. There's the meme trolls and the unhumorous elites. The rest is qualified as misfits or weirdos, so I presume. "Now, what is cool? Where do I stand?". But then, I refuse to brand myself as anything. I am a complete mix of things, though maybe weirdo is the most likely. 

This is the current life - are you with it are you not? Trends are okay. What's cool is you - individuality. It's neat to blend with the current and the most popular, but you know what they say "Do you!". Let's not get caught up with trying to fit in a certain category or trend. After all, I don't believe in style expiration. 5 seasons old or not, wear whatever the heck you desire. You are cool because you are YOU.


tee: Michael Agwunobi | parka: New Look | shoes: TkMaxx