I am one for great conceptual art works and installations therefore London's contemporary scene is really appreciated. Here are two exhibitions I've really enjoyed during the past few days of hanging here:

Richard Prince has done controversial portraits since. He has always taken portraitures in the way that are more personal to his subject/models by and re-creating their already existing self-portraits or photographs.

This exhibition seems to have hit a questionable matter again. The idea behind the New Portrait is Prince would find an instagram image, comments on them and prints the screenshots in a much larger scale. Although there is a question on how in the world can this be called art, I personally appreciate New Portraits. His use of what's current and very fad is. Instagram is a digital space with a lot of free expression. Shouldn't a portrait say a lot about a person? Well, maybe a little selfie can present that.


Stunning Sexy Sculpture, Oh Yes!

Point Taken

I love you, I want you, I need you... (Hot for Carl)

A Little Slice of Loveliness


Rat Trap Neon

Aberration, Agitation, Anger...

Ben Woodeson's sculptures and installations are probably one of the most exciting pieces I've seen this month. He develops challenging pieces and works on assembling simplistic sculptures that display both matters of stability and instability. His work is something that's really up my street. I enjoy the fact that those everyday objects and found materials used have a connection to the viewer's consciousness. Each single work displayed gives the feeling of uncertainty or unease and it affirms your own fragility. As a whole, it is an obstruction and a hurdle through a visually stunning, minimal and effective body of work. 

What do you think of both exhibitions? Art, are you into it? Let me know! 

Gallery Locations:
NEW PORTRAITS - Gagosian Gallery17-19 Davies Street, London, W1K 3DE
OBSTACLE - Berloni, 63 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SW

Quite Substandard

It has been 10 days since I filled this little style journal and to celebrate the lack of my blog posts, here are a bunch of quite lousy outfit photos from my phone. YAY to my great blogger skills and YAY to sarcasm (mehh, I am sorry).

On a lighter note, here's a cute witty story. Since my mother never had the interest to wear this pair of culottes, I borrowed/stole it from her. They're pretty damn cool right? Who would have imagined that this black and white, geometric goodness is some form of sleepwear. Well, they aren't totally pyjamas but they're those classic and very popular daily wear that every aunt of mine seem to bag from their holidays in Philippines. Ha! I really dig them. 

blazer: H&M | top: New Look | culottes: Mum's | shoes: Vans Old Skool | bag: Vintage


As I unwind here in my cozy bed space, I caught myself doing this whole daydreaming/reminiscing thing that I often do.

My thoughts include: conversations, a good company, people, strangers, new friends

I have no idea if this shows through my blog, but I guess I should justify... Understand that I talk a lot, though I'm not ashamed of it. Why is this?

Well, I cherish discussions. I care for going through people's thoughts. I like to hear people's ideas from something as big as the first world dilemmas, careers, relationships to other things as simple as 'why are jelly beans adorable and funny'. 

Sharing opinions, seeing similarities and differences in people's beliefs & attributes and the quirks of all kinds of conversations, I enjoy. No matter how short or long, good or bad, serious or silly, all mean something and appreciated. 

Conversations are groovy and they do inspire me. Appreciate them yet make sure you hold off the narcissism - speak, connect and listen!

So, thank you guys! I apprize this connection shared between you and I through this ever evolving online journal of mine.

top: H&M | jeans: Primark


Old Pleats

There is something very pleasing about these very crisp and tidy pleats to me. Pleated school skirts, American Apparel tennis skirts, they're all cool, but I can not see myself in them. This gem of a midi however is something else. I believe it has shown its presence it this style journal before and I am still enjoying every of its bits and folds. 

top: Primark | skirt: Vintage | bag: H&M | shoes: Pretty Little Thing | necklace: Forever 21


Hey, it feels like it's been forever!

These photos were taken from weeks ago. It took me a little longer to share them, but I guess now is just the perfect time.

Here's one to life. Looking straight through the city's skyline, through many goals, aspirations, spontaneous events and mindful encounters, those that are still to come.

It's that time again. I've become a year older. 22 doesn't seem like an important nor an eventful number (as I've always thought), but I feel 2 x 2 lucky. I am grateful for experiences and people that has been part of them. Every moment shared and even those conversations as little as a second matter a lot. As corny as this may be, this year, my birthday causes for a celebration - celebrating my life and the people around it. 

Kudos to my amazing friend Mabdulle for capturing these beautifully

And to you that's reading this, have a brilliant and peachy life! I appreciate you all.



OUTFIT DEETS - top: New Look | culottes: H&M | shoes: Vans | bag: Zara