Strong navy/squad/team/sibs.

Le sister has been home for a while. Of course, we have been hanging out a lot and we can't seem to get out of this plight of unintentional matching. As bothersome as it may get sometimes (that's regarding to both situations by the way, hehe. I luh you sis), I have grown to accept it. Having her around, really does have the fringe benefits. 

Looting her wardrobe is valuable. It avoids me from having those wasteful 'I don't know what to wear' minutes of my life. It also works out the same for her, although her looting actions can be slightly unsettling in my part (lol, trust issues etc.)

Not only is it nice to have your sisters around to share clothes with but just generally being best mates is an absolute ace. We "ootd" together, eat together, we get kooky together. We are in this navy together. HA! Can I get an aww?

jacket: Monki | top: Topshop | shorts/culottes: H&M | bag: Zara | shoes: Nike
sis - trench: H&M | top: Gap | jeans: Topshop | bag & cap: H&M|  shoes: Adidas