Tees, Jeans, Baseball Caps and Old Skools. The kind of attire I sport during an inactive and tardy day. I have also unintendedly gone for a Canadian Tuxedo ensemble. 

Coincidentally, as I scrolled through my blog's feed, it's looking that these double denim looks continue to grow notoriety. I feel that the denim fad can get a bit overwhelming, but I am not crushed or hurt by it. I do not mind getting clothed in this blue fabric in most days (especially lazy days). They give me great things; comfort, ease and relaxed & carefree days. I mean, come on! Who would not appreciate those? Seriously. 

denim shirt/jacket: Rokit | t-shirt: Cheap Monday | jeans: Vintage Levi's |
shoes: Vans Old Skool | Socks: Primark | Cap: H&M