Going for walks with my 'yungen' Carmela

That is our thing now, it's always been our thing. We are grannies at heart (just a slight). We geared up in the same vibe. Here are the nearly identical attires we've chosen to sport to enjoy such pleasant march in an old little town somewhere in Essex. We like our head gears and cozy gummy shoes which are a.k.a trainers/sneakers. The march would not be complete if there aren't no pit stops for coffee, snacks and shopping. Coffee and grubs always have been the topic in Le-visualiste. I should probably start sharing snaps of tasty foods and drinks again. Whenever that commence, I'm certain that you will be seeing this sib of mine again. We love our shots (espresso, sometimes other things) and nibbles.

coat: Gap | skirt: Vintage | bag: Fiorelli | cap: H&M | shoes: Vans
Carmela's -  coat: Mother's | top &culottes: TK Maxx | bag: Nine West | cap & shoes: Nike


Too Cozy

Living that cozy life they all talk about

I loathe favourite questions but if you were to ask me what bottoms I favour the most then this pair must be the one. They are the comfiest of all. Ironically, they aren't always present in the daily because if they were then they really would not be all blanc any more. One of my many wishes is to own more white trousers. Although, the most significant wish is for me to be able to eat and drink with good etiquette - no crumbs, no coffee stains - but then, no, that's not me (you know... too cozy). One day I can own more white bottoms without these worries. Maybe.

And since we are in the topic of cozy, these New Balance gets the cushiest shoes award.

top: Topshop
trousers, bag: Zara
coat: Vintage
shoes: New Balance 501


Some Stories

Apart from these lovely pieces from & Other Stories, I have not much pretty stories to tell. This was in London last month, when all I did was eat out, checked some art and peeked at cute and quaint habitats in Notting Hill. At the time, it was warm and I was hat-free. Lately, hats have been essential in my daily adventures as I am currently growing and hiding this slug growing on my head. Okay, not an actual one, but my roots are not quite the "darling" that it was. I am in desperate need of a hair doctor. 

top, jeans: & Other Stories
shoes: Pretty Little Things
tote: H&M
mood: blonde hair sick



During LFW (2 weeks ago), I took a mini trip to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition. I discovered the influences and inspirations behind their A/W collection presented not just in a bog standard mood board or sketchbooks type, but in a way that is live - it is an experience. 

I found a lot of visually stunning and eye catching displays. One of which, is Mastermind, the open trunk that reveals Nicolas Ghesquire's creative process and inspiration. There is "the science of savoir-faire", which shows the importance of the craftsmanship and the precision of the laser used  in order for a design to turn into reality. And, there are these 3d blow-up mannequins modelling those crafted accessories. 

The exhibition is ongoing until 18th October. So if you happen to have a time to spare in London, take advantage of the free admission.