Going for walks with my 'yungen' Carmela

That is our thing now, it's always been our thing. We are grannies at heart (just a slight). We geared up in the same vibe. Here are the nearly identical attires we've chosen to sport to enjoy such pleasant march in an old little town somewhere in Essex. We like our head gears and cozy gummy shoes which are a.k.a trainers/sneakers. The march would not be complete if there aren't no pit stops for coffee, snacks and shopping. Coffee and grubs always have been the topic in Le-visualiste. I should probably start sharing snaps of tasty foods and drinks again. Whenever that commence, I'm certain that you will be seeing this sib of mine again. We love our shots (espresso, sometimes other things) and nibbles.

coat: Gap | skirt: Vintage | bag: Fiorelli | cap: H&M | shoes: Vans
Carmela's -  coat: Mother's | top &culottes: TK Maxx | bag: Nine West | cap & shoes: Nike