One random day in Soho

A few weeks ago, when cropped tops are still appropriate to wear, I strolled around Soho with the gals, got caffeinated and stuffed my face with Mexican (which unfortunately I don't have photos of).  It all seems so long ago. Now, cropped tops aren't as ideal, but I wouldn't say the same about this gnarly Primark outerwear, Soho Grind, guacamole and burritos.

In other news, I am trying to get my mojo back in terms of filling/updating those categories (see sidebar) - more cool and interesting things from Le-Visualiste, I hope. Have a lovely week, keep warm and see you soon!



jacket: Primark
top: Topshop
culottes: H&M
cap: H&M
bag: Zara
shoes: Adidas


Pantone® 729 C something or  just you know... Pantone® Camel & Olive related

Who doesn't like an easy and very accessible clothing? I believe, no one. This is why I am so fond of this "utilitarian" ensemble. With a pair overalls/dungas, you don't even have to try anymore. In actual fact, dungarees are comfortable overgarments invented for protection whilst in the mode of working (I mean you already know that). Casual mingling, being chic along with every cool stuff you do these days are other things they're made for. So, I say, we should wear more dungarees!

coat: New Look
shirt: Hobbs
overalls: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Vans


White Canvas

"And I know when the white sneaks bling"

Yeah. Ever since I got my hands on a pair Old Skool's, I pondered for a while whether I'm ready to stroll with a white canvas or not. It just so happened that Zalando had a blinging sale - at only £27.50 - it only really meant one thing. Without hesitation, it went straight to the basket and whoala it's here. 

I secretly have this paranoia - very cautious with dirt/puddles.  Though, that's only for now. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually turn bad & dirty (lol). I'll get over it soon enough. 

On another short but gnarly note: the cozy mood is still on.  This long fur blanket (ish) "gilet" can wrench me from pimp to homeless chic. I do not even mind at all. 

Hashtag team cozy!

fur coat: Pretty Thing Vintage
top: Episode - House of Fraser
trousers: GAP
shoes: Vans
bag: Zara