fur gilet: Local Vintage Store | T-shirt: Zara | baseball cap: H&M jeans: Old/DIYed |
boots: Zara | bag: TK Maxx (brand: Matties)

Fur, ripped jeans, a lightweight tee, boots - Yes. England is facing a dank spring and summer and it calls for a 'What in the heck will I wear today?'. This justifies the strange summer and winter concoction I've whipped up under a rainy 21°C. I've not done my wardrobe spring cleaning yet, hence the presence of this fur coat/gilet purchased from a local vintage store a few months ago. 

Speaking of 'What the heck do I wear'. I've come across a very useful app suited for us clothing junkies. If you're like me who tend to find great outfits and cool pieces from literally everywhere, wishes to know where the item is from and hopes to get something similar, this app is the hero for that. For instance, this fur outerwear is from a Vintage store so it's a one off piece, though with Comb you can find and shop for some alternatives. 
1) Take a photo or crop a screenshot of an item of clothing.
2) Search similar products by selecting categories.
3) The app will Comb products to find similar pieces for you and you can shop items from there.
You can not only 'comb' a piece of clothing.  Patterns, colours and cool photographies from anywhere are available for combing too.

To know more about COMB, watch this video and visit


Friyay? Yes. To get through the ongoing long days of the week, it's not a bad idea to revisit the charming scene of the weekend. 

These gorgeous babes were around my little town. Nothing was specifically celebrated - slightly impromptu, but of course the dinner was planned. It was a girly meeting, though we had an empty agenda for the night. Something that always seems to turn out the most delightful and enjoyable for me. We wined and dined and walked through the 'stoney' beach and exhaled the chills of Essex. It was surely a laugh!

What you may know or not know about me is I have a high appreciation and maybe an obsession with food. It may be the quickest way to my heart (it really is, haha). So, I do enjoy eating out and exploring different tastes. Adding people that enjoy the same craze just adds more fun and excitement to it. We all have decided that this will not be just a one off thing. Food Friyays may become a tradition. 

my outfit | long blazer: Select | top: WangxHM | trousers: Zara | shoes: New Look


Here comes the wild child in her old cut up denim dungarees. The weather was fine. The vibes were awesome. So, I felt like a 16 year old from the 90s rebelling and being cool by going near that 'danger'. I was rolling in euphoria with this outfit. It was too easy and comfortable that I felt like I can conquer anything.

shirt - Hobbs | dungarees - Primark (many years ago) | jacket - Vintage 
sunglasses - Brick Lane Market | shoes - Adidas Superstars 


Something different...  Something slightly soppy (I imagine).

This was the day when I dragged my sister to take random snaps of me. With an unplanned outfit and no clarity of where to shoot, we just went along and seized the grey and windy afternoon. This shoot was purposely for an article I wrote for a friend's project. Although it was intended for that, I wanted it to be as live and as honest as possible. You know candid stuff - none of those typical scripted pose just real expressions (lol real 'feels')

Anyway, while looking through these photos and evaluating this day, I was reminded of last year when I ranted about great and blahs of life at the time (check the link). My current attitude contrasts to what my attitude was then. Sure, I still do get demotivated. Don't we all? However, as of late, I have learned and trained myself to say YES more and be more relaxed with making creative concepts. I do believe that perfectionism is a great trait, but if it is to the point that it stops us from expanding our means, we may need to stop, relax, rethink and then continue. 

Blogging is something that I do part time at present. I have been more serious about it this year, but it has been practically two years since my very first post.  This whole documentation of my life has been peachy. Thanks to this digital diary - memories and personal growth; they're all fun to see, but what I am most grateful for are the people that I met and have connected with through here.

Thank you for taking your time to read and hang here. Y'all are amazing!

All the best,

Chariza <3


I was strolling around my little town without shopping in mind, but I chanced upon these two little bargains from TK Maxx. I was such an angel in terms of shopping during April. Well, I'd like to think so as from what I can remember, I have been spending more money on food and dining than spicing up my wardrobe. Out of spontaneity, May has welcomed me with buys out of impotent decisions. Though, it's not to worry. It's more of a celebration as these shoes were found stacked in the clearance section priced at only £10. This authentic leather bag with details that I ever so dearly dig (perfect for spring) was only £16.99 from an rrp of approximately 40 euros. So, yay! This just made May a little bit more exciting. Hurray for TK Maxx!