Le Blue

Denim. There's no doubt that I'm infatuated. Digging it more than ever, doubling it up as I do. 

Casual days, the beach, the fresh summer breeze, the ice cold macchiatos are some other things I really appreciate too. This summer, those will definitely be associated with a lot of denim on denims. I think I'm loving the whole vibe too much - nearly the same amount as when Britney and JT loved it (haha nearly but not really).

denim shirt: Rokit | top: Asos | jeans: Levi's | 
sandals: Topshop | bag: H&M | sunglasses: Adidas 


At this very moment, while evaluating the ambiance built upon this ratchet behavior, *ding ding* I had a thought. "Ratchet? Is that still a thing?". Do you remember when it was everywhere?

This current age evolves too quickly. The slangs and amusing lingos from bae's to fleek's, just confirm this quick-paced evolution (amirite? lols). The crazy, contemplative and at the same time blithe world of digital/social media has lead me to a pause - amused with these fads. There's a lot I see. There's the meme trolls and the unhumorous elites. The rest is qualified as misfits or weirdos, so I presume. "Now, what is cool? Where do I stand?". But then, I refuse to brand myself as anything. I am a complete mix of things, though maybe weirdo is the most likely. 

This is the current life - are you with it are you not? Trends are okay. What's cool is you - individuality. It's neat to blend with the current and the most popular, but you know what they say "Do you!". Let's not get caught up with trying to fit in a certain category or trend. After all, I don't believe in style expiration. 5 seasons old or not, wear whatever the heck you desire. You are cool because you are YOU.


tee: Michael Agwunobi | parka: New Look | shoes: TkMaxx 


It really is smelling like summer, and here's the most appropriate ensemble with less layers and more skin I've worn as of late. Denim has been legitimately the "life" currently and just in perfect timing, I found my good old Guess dark denim dress/dungaree (sorry for the overwhelming d's). Although, I'm feeling oh so western in these amazing "yee haww" boots and fringey sack, a minimal vibe is still retained. 
dunga/dress: Guess | top: Topshop |  boots: To Be Announced
 | hat: H&M | bag: Portobello Mkt.


photos c/o SHOPDIXI.COM

Summer has begun and Shop Dixi has come out with Harvest moon, a real alluring collection inspired by the enticing beauty of the sea - the silken sand, those hazy mornings and the lustrous & mystical sunset. 

The brand holds a stunning message. "You're beautiful and amazing; you're a thousand small pieces of magic embodied. We want to share this magic, we want you to shine so all the world can see. We don't just want to create Jewellery, we want to create little pieces of you. You inspire us, and we hope to inspire you. We want to help you express that incredible individuality you so fiercely hold."  

Need I say more? The collection's editorial just speaks for itself. I look forward to purchasing my own and conjoin the sisterhood. I am an avid fan of sterling silver and boho jewels. Shop Dixi is just quality and always does it for me. 

You can shop the Harvest Moon collection here

*Posted in collaboration with Shop Dixi*