The Brims

Squad Agenda: 
Brainstorming life, visual work and upcoming projects.
Squad Agenda in Reality: 
Gallivanted through distressed garages and car parks of our little town, brewed some creamy instant coffee, munched on Filipino beef steak and some crunchy leafy salad with sesame oil/soya dressing, acoustically covered emotional hymns of Years and Years, Oasis & Ariana Grande, lounging, LOLing and a lot more 
Squad "A.K.A" of the day: 

Why "The Brims", you may wonder?

Firstly, say hello to my best pal Casey Ellana Narciso. A creative, open-minded and very swanky individual. 

Casey and I have distinctive styles, though we have always shared similar aesthetics and interests in terms of art, fashion and other creative matter. We also share a very strong liking and love for brim hats. Although, she's collected quite a hefty amount, way more than I have (and I'm jealous of it really). 

It was a wicked day resulted to a lot of notes-to-self. There are a lot of plans, motives and mission to accomplish with this gyal

my outifit - hat: H&M | jumper: Wang x H&M | lace top: Primark | trousers: All Saints | bag: Topshop | shoes: Adidas
Casey's - hat: H&M | jumper: She Inside | jeans: Topshop | bag: Zara | boots: Primark




Tees, Jeans, Baseball Caps and Old Skools. The kind of attire I sport during an inactive and tardy day. I have also unintendedly gone for a Canadian Tuxedo ensemble. 

Coincidentally, as I scrolled through my blog's feed, it's looking that these double denim looks continue to grow notoriety. I feel that the denim fad can get a bit overwhelming, but I am not crushed or hurt by it. I do not mind getting clothed in this blue fabric in most days (especially lazy days). They give me great things; comfort, ease and relaxed & carefree days. I mean, come on! Who would not appreciate those? Seriously. 

denim shirt/jacket: Rokit | t-shirt: Cheap Monday | jeans: Vintage Levi's |
shoes: Vans Old Skool | Socks: Primark | Cap: H&M


Hey September, What's up?

September, the time of transition. The breeze slowly gets cooler yet I am still in love with the sun. I can not seem to let pass away of its warmth (hence the denim skirt). You know, summer associates with a load of positives - happy, laid back and fun. It has been nifty, though I feel like I've not sustained enough of it. It can get slightly distressing.

Anyway, this weather changeover got me to thinking... Things do pass swiftly. A mass of things can happen in such a short space of time. Sunny/happy days, yeah, they are great, really! However, it isn't always going to be sunny and dandy, but I will be embracing the change. I have to!

top: Finery London | blazer: H&M | skirt: Vintage |
sunglasses: & Other Stories | bag: Vintage | shoes: Pretty Little Things