Being annoyingly sentimental about clothes, it's a tad difficult to let go of unused pieces of garments that supposedly comes with stories. The idea of "I remember wearing this when..." turns to "Aww, cute! Maybe I could wear this with... in the future". Well, if you're not a victim of fashion and consumerism, re-wearing is such a practical idea We are unfortunately very much victimised by fashion and it's dirty trendy works so... ugh!

Every season, I have an essential wardrobe clear up but things became even better. Now, I found myself doing it every month or so. Whilst at my recent rummage, I found these Primark tops that were lost and forgotten in the pile of my untouched clothes. The lightweight tunic looks chic layered over the turtleneck. I styled them with some of my recent faves - jeans that I've cropped myself, a big puffer jacket and chunky boots. #OOTD waddup!

jacket: H&M Mens
tops: Primark
jeans & necklace: Topshop
boots: New Look
tote: SCRT