I wear colours now. Pink, pink, pink. 

Way before Drake decided to hotline blinged, this colour has been hiddenly creeping in my likings. I don't remember getting attracted to pink as much as I do now. I remember back when teeny-weeny Chariza did those girly things such as collect barbie dolls and break their limbs, I detested this shade. Lilac was always my thing. I don't know. Maybe I secretly loved it, but as it was too typical and too mainstream, I developed a hate for it. Oh. Such hipster. Such cool kid.

Now, look at me! Pink is everywhere these days. It's a huge fad. I'm so for it. You would have probably noticed it if you follow me on instagram and tumblr. I have romantically infused my feed with hints of pink and double pink hearts emoji. You have got to love this slightly beat up and grimy pair of Converse's though. Cute, right? 

beanie: Urban Outfitters
top: Uniqlo
jeans & bag: Topshop
coat: H&M (old)
shoes: Converse