Funky Times in Films

Memories brought to you by Boots' disposable cameras. Ha! I'm not affliated with boots but it for sure would be rad if they send me a bunch of disposable cams (Boots Ltd. HMU! lol).
Shooting with film is surely exciting. I was in a hunt for film cameras so I took a trip to some local Charity shops, bagged 7 of them and I've never been more stoked than ever. So for now on, there's going to be more of 'funky times in films' and they're going to be a lot better (I hope).

          #35mmfilm yo!


Since being acquainted with I believe one of the growing independent London/UK brands, SCRT, I am stoked to share them on here.

SCRT takes creative influences from art, street and skate culture. The brand is not just about curating a variety of well-made clothing and paraphernalia. They constantly work/collaborate with many creatives and feature quality arts in their collections in a minimalistic but striking and slightly humorous way.

In their new collection features a local photographer, Bob Mazzer, who documents The Underground, the mere second of people's life under the rapid and busiest tunnel and transport system of the city. I am a fan of his work so, I immediately took the interest. I received two nifty t-shirts from the collection and here's one of them styled in almost all-black. Worn 3 times in a row, I've been naturally attached with this tee.

t-shirt: SCRT legs tee
jacket: vintage (Mum's)
jeans: Romwe
beanie: Urban Outfitters
boots: New Look

photos by Rhys Cox



Who: Graphic Design Lord / My "officical photog"
What: #OOTD
Where: Somewhere-on-sea, Essex
When: Today
Why: "It's lit!" 
After consuming great amounts of tasty waffles, Rhys and I shot some outfit photos. We have been taking snaps of each other recently. Here's Swaggy Rhys against a very le-visualiste-like ambiance/background.

Where to find Rhys?
cap, shoulder bag: Supreme
hoodie: Palace
outerwear: Army Surplus
trousers: ASOS
trainers: Nike Air Stab


Samo Gledam

What is Samo Gledam?
"The brand is all about doing my own thing, having an outlet for ideas without having to conform, rush or force anything. I do everything at my own pace and I design things I would wear myself. The bags are produced in the UK and sold directly to customers which keeps the prices affordable and the designs genuine. The designs are ungendered,focused on functionality and also experimenting with materials. Anything is used as material-from conventional fabric to carpet floor tiles and tarpaulin."
- Alenka Cindric
There are quite a heavy amount of upcoming and independent brands out there. Alenka's brand is significantly her own. I am for something personal and expressive therefore I was happy to know more about the label and see her designs. I was really stoked to receive this neoprene number. Backpacks are cool, They're easy and practical. They are a lot cooler with a twist which is exactly what Samo Gledam offers.

Check them out at

jacket: Primark
top: Uniqlo
trousers, cap: H&M
shoes: Converse

photos by: Rhys Cox 



How spontaneous was your weekend?

As for my pals and I, chaos took us to the island I named 'Isle of Fun' but it is commonly known as Isle of Wight.

The real agenda was to explore Southampton. We did rad things like head bop in a gig/house party, enjoy the cheap meals and met our internet friends from the city. However, after the good fun in Southampton and chill, we realised that yes we can fit a body of four in a dinky student's living room kindly provided for us but it was sad and uncomfortable. This made our impatient and far from sober limbs to book a decently priced hotel nearby. It was all sound and dandy until we checked where this hotel was located. Next thing you know we were shipwrecked. Ha! No, we hopped on a ferry and wrecked the ship with some of these gnarly snaps.

Our time in Ise of Wight was as colourful as this boat.

Thank you for the swell time Cowes! We'll be back in you.

photos by: Me + Rhys Cox