Since being acquainted with I believe one of the growing independent London/UK brands, SCRT, I am stoked to share them on here.

SCRT takes creative influences from art, street and skate culture. The brand is not just about curating a variety of well-made clothing and paraphernalia. They constantly work/collaborate with many creatives and feature quality arts in their collections in a minimalistic but striking and slightly humorous way.

In their new collection features a local photographer, Bob Mazzer, who documents The Underground, the mere second of people's life under the rapid and busiest tunnel and transport system of the city. I am a fan of his work so, I immediately took the interest. I received two nifty t-shirts from the collection and here's one of them styled in almost all-black. Worn 3 times in a row, I've been naturally attached with this tee.

t-shirt: SCRT legs tee
jacket: vintage (Mum's)
jeans: Romwe
beanie: Urban Outfitters
boots: New Look

photos by Rhys Cox