Things have been paused for le-visualiste at the minute. 
There's been an overwhelmingly large amount of change happening recently - friends getting engaged/married, Instagram's algorithm, le-visualiste having it's own facebook page (you can get on that! *wink*), my hair roots getting longer and longer, my sleep getting shorter and shorter, one of my film cameras and my 3 m long iPhone charger breaking (2 very important matters), and many more.

I don't want to be that one friend with a typical 'Everyone's doing...but I'm just here like...' facebook status, tweets or what have you. However, if I try, it would probably go like this - "Everyone's getting married but I'm here diving through all the itch and stinks of most secondhand shops, looking for the coolest dad shirt." Although I am not quite certain if I got that right, I am pretty stoked with some of these life changes. This large dad shirt and vintage mum jeans are pretty ancient but turned refreshingly new. Thanks to the power of customisation.

shirt: Charity Shop
top: H&M
jeans: Vintage D&G
shoes: Converse
pins: random places