Shiny Shoes and Super Sleeves



Now, I know this shirt is extra humongous. Not aware of the quite Vetements-like, everlasting sleeve situation that day, I went and took my new, white, figuratively shiny footwear for a quick stroll in town. The "invisible hands" or hands hidden beneath lengthy sleeves is quite an old story for a 5'1 smol girl like me. I guess it's really something cool now. I simply just appreciate the extra comfort it brings.

A double denim is another old tale and now a term I've made into a fashion adverb as I have double-denimly dressed countless of times. For some reason my natural instinct is to pair this Canadian Tuxedo looks with white shoes. This rad and robust oxfords from Palladium is perfect. I am obsessed with the classic durable rubber Palladium sole! A thick, sturdy sole with a single-unit mold/pattern shows great quality and attention to detail - as described by my photoG. 

shirt & shorts: Vintage Levi's
glasses: Bricklane Vintage Mkt.
bag: SCRT
shoes: Pampa Oxford - Palladium / Topshop

photos by Rhys Cox