Sushi Rolls

Are you savouring this sizzling weather? It has been a real sticky one, so I can't say I'm absolutely loving it. However, summer attires, fun tees, a-line denim skirts, and bare legs do get my warm greetings. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I've been lost in the sauce - a mustard one. I very much enjoy this tone and I also fancy "lifting" sushi rolls from my local Wasabi before it travels to my stomach. This explains why I wear this Uniqlo tee and these suede mules religiously.

tee: Uniqlo x Omiyage
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Mango
tote: Scrt

shot by Rhys Cox / edits Chariza M.



As I have mentioned here before, I am one for supporting independent brands - that may be local or international. I had a privilege to work with Black Rain Paris, a brand inspired by nightlife and rough underworld. Black Rain is a fusion of Parisian elegance and dark luxury / strong visuals vs urban aesthetic.

A few days ago, they launched the website and released the first collection.
"The idea behind this 1st collection was to play around the new urban explorer, where clothes are becoming a kind of costume / armour and draw a parallel with Samurai Warriors. 'Black Rain is the Samurai 2.0, when the warrior drops the Japanese sword for an assault rifle in response to the violence of our modern society'." 
- Xavier (owner of the brand)

I think that most times, 'urban' and 'elegance' combined together can be much pretentious. This campaign managed to present the street and luxury infusion in high quality and without any pretense.

Models: Chariza Miranda, Daniel Pacitti
Photography: Margaret Nowak

Not Much Matters II

Hey, friends! 23 years. 23 years is how long I've been cramming through life. So, here's another set of moody images to mark these years (they don't have anything to do with my birthday, just really wanted to put these photos up lol). For the true celebration, I've been busy stuffing myself and lazying about. The lazy party doesn't stop so I'll speak to you later. Have an awesome life you lovely bunch. Cheers! 

 photographed by Sophie and styled by Hanne



Exploring the damp streets of Soho with Eastpak's London Black Denim backpack.

London can never be so dry and normally so temperamental. Despite the clammy weather, Eastpak came along to explore the day with me. This functional backpack has proved that it isn't just one for work or play. It's one that's ready for any adventures. I've never really cared for travel bags but this changed my view about them. A smart bag that's practical and comfortable to bring around... Uhmn, Yes. Please!

backpack: Eastpak
tee: The Basement
jacket: Vintage
jeans: H&M
shoes: Docs

photos by Rhys Cox