Size x Adidas Gazelle GTX Launch


The Adidas Gazelle has been brought back into the spotlight. With it's timeless and versatile look, the trainer seized a rich cultural history since the 60's from athletes, musicians to supermodels. As seen in a lot of style platforms, this classic/vintage shoe had remarkably become a fad again and it will surely do much more. Gazelle celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and Adidas Originals released brilliant styles with updated features and quality.

Size? teamed up with Adidas Originals to form the Gazelle GTX City series - London, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan. Yesterday, Rhys and I got the chance to see and celebrate the launch of the collection. The first to release is the Gazelle GTX 'London'. A perfect red suede shoe with black leather stripes. We are in no doubt very impressed with its tasteful look.

photos by Rhys Cox




 Kappa Track Top 
 Kappa Tape T-Shirt 
 Kappa Popper Pants

 shoes:  Vans 

photos by Rhys Cox

As a 90s kid, it's hard to not fall for popper pants. Regardless of your sporting capabilities, if you're from the era of Spice girls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Skater Bois, I'm pretty certain you and your pals acquired ownership of a pair.

JD Sports released a bunch of Kappa items recently. Kappa, an Italian brand known to have the baggy popper trackies we all very much enjoyed. As expected I happily took the opportunity to get a hold of them and show you guys this "popping" suit. So there, I willingly re-lived my inner Sports Spice. All I need now is a pair of chunky trainers that I already have sitting in a shopping basket somewhere. 

Check out these Kappa pieces on the JD Sports website.



 coat: YesStyle 
 knitwear: Monki 
 jeans: Vintage D&G 
 shoes: Reebok Classics 
 tote: SCRT 

photographed by Casey Narciso

Winter. It's the period of aching to hibernate and glueing myself to bed forever. Since this is dismally impossible and not allowed, I hope to cloth myself in warm and snug pieces as cosy as my beloved sleeping sack this season. Puffer jackets and big knits for the win! 
Apart from retaining a cosy feel, I also kept it classic with this Reebok Classic Leather gear from JD Sports. I always enjoy an effortless, simple and clean "street style" attire. This is noticeably what I'm sporting here. The shoes just sparkled some fun colour in the outfit with that fresh iridescent accent. 



Just in time for expanding horizons and getting motivated to pursue more of my creative endeavours, I was sent a t-shirt that reminded me of what I think I stand for (please take this in a non-hipster way or do whatever you like, IDC. aha)

How much of an outsider am I? I would never know. Getting classified as an outsider to some may be a cynical thought but being in the centre of countless distinct groups or in fact just floating around the system is I believe the best way to be. Why? Well, it's nothing complex. Locking yourself in a certain label - the hippies, the hipsters, grunge, punk, pop punk, emo, bohemian, high culture, gamers, nudists, or any other cool subcultures out there - is the most claustrophobic idea to me. Just understand your interests, be flexible, stay outside and celebrate you! 
To emphasise this whole "non-conformist" impression more, I wore this hot red leather skirt in the midst of cold air and froze my butt off. That's something an outsider would do right? I don't know I may just have been developing some sort of mild fetish for shiny a-line skirts. I need more!

 "be flexible, stay outside and celebrate you" 

jacket: Dickies
skirt: Zara
boots: Dr. Martens