Friday Feels

Multiple places and platforms around the interweb allow you to share your aspirations and what you stand for. Instagram being a huge one for personal branding and what not, it's surely a great online spot for exploring. If you sincerely desire to, you can literally fish opportunities in every corner of social media.

Blogger, content creator, social media babe, model, musician, actor - a list of various influentials. Whatever of these you're into, there is FEELS, a clever casting app that can simply assist you with connecting with people and brands you want to work with. It operates similarly to Instagram, though you can explore brand campaigns and apply to them under specific but never complex terms and conditions.

A few months ago, they invited to join the app. And so I delved in and really got involved. Shortly after, I got chosen to be part of a collaboration - 'Lamoda x Feels Girl Gang' along with four rad, rad girls. We were given a chance to show our personalities by styling 2-3 outfits featuring a number of Lamoda items. You can check the girls on Lamoda's blog and take a peek at my little feature here .

I believe that Feels is a great platform and you guys should definitley check it out. If you're already on there, please say hi and follow my account.

*this post is not sponsored

Good, good vibes

Constructing a sentence (constructing this blog post) under the bright sky isn't as ideal as I thought. However, it appears that outside is where I always want to be at the minute. Maybe it's the Vitamin D or maybe it's the excitement of going for grubs and drinks. I don't know but I'm definitely always up for mini trips and any random ventures. Those things keep that grin on my face. (lol, cute right?)

All happy vibes surround us throughout this bare-legged season. Rhys and I were about the shiny Wharf again. I kept my outfit fun with the rusty tone of the 70s and ragged denim. Disregard the few unsociable, "I'm so cool for you" faces I pulled and please appreciate the lovely and tasteful ambiance of these photos. Rhys outdid himself and captured this perfectly. Just. So. Good.

jacket: Vintage Levi's
dress: ASOS (old)
cap: Lamoda
bag: 5preview
chain: I made!
footwear: Docs

photos by Rhys Cox



5Preview is becoming one of many cool brands I stalk regularly.
"5PREVIEW began in 2008 in a small apartment in Rome when Swedish designer and illustrator, Emelie MÃ¥rtensson, decided to release a small, graphic tee shirt collection of 5 pieces. Her expressive, illustrative style and ironic, bold imagery became quickly popular and the label expanded from a small tee shirt line into a complete women’s collection..." - learn more about them at
The brand delivers great quirks in such quality. You may have seen my favourite bag a few blog post ago (check here). This top - the Rakel tee, a 3d textured scoop neck t-shirt with a ‘5.P.W TAPE’ plastic print is undoubtedly a favourite too. I went for a monochromatic look and injected a whole spring vibe with bright accessories.

If you fancy some 5PW, they are currently having a sample sale so check that out!

top: 5Preview
culottes & beanie: H&M
choker: Lamoda
footwear: Vans

photos by Rhys Cox / direction Chariza M. / posted ft.


When It Blossoms

I have a weird relationship with summer. I adore the sunny days but I am not entirely in love with the idea of melting and sweating. Blossom trees are however one of my favourite things. The temperature has been just a right amount of perfect - bright but breezy. I've also been surrounded by heaps of beautiful blossoming trees so I can't complain.

One lovely day, we wandered around some pretty charming bits of London. Here's a not so prepped attire but one that's most practical when a lot of walking is to be done. My obsession with this old Primark jacket is back. I have not shopped there for ages and I am looking to take a trip soon as this jacket reminds me that the good ol' primani is much swanky and good for the money (aha!). I am also so stoked for the newest member of my little pin family/collection - the "bae-station" from Blacksmith store. Pins are definitely addictive. I can not get out of the house without pinning anything onto me anymore. I would ask for help but the only way to fix this addiction is to give me more pins. Feel free to do so!

tee: Champion
jacket: Primark
jeans: H&M
cap & choker: Lamoda
footwear: Adidas Stan Smiths
pin: Blacksmith Store

photos - Rhys Cox / edits - Chariza M.


Random Rolls and Strolls

Right, it's been forever since I posted something "personal" here. The last few weeks/months have been quite crazy. This really should mean... new contents. However, I'm finding it rather difficult to put up things that never feels right but you know but hey, I'm trying to just go with it. In the world of blogging and life in general, I think we always strive for something interesting and new. New means fun. Repetitive routines and in Le-Visualiste's case - "contents", sincerely bore me. There's surely a lot more for us to see, share and talk about. I have been having this staring contest with my journal for a long time. It's not the best competition to be in. So, bear with me while I battle with myself and actually get on with things.

Anyway, I got a few rolls of films developed. Here are a few fond moments and some fab people I snapped. A new blog category solely for film photography might occur, who knows. It is something that I've been merely interested in. There are no particular/huge plans for it. I am not intending to become a film photographer, but you know it's fun. Fun is what I like (hehe).


Rhys Cox

Rhys Cox,  'defectcox', names you've most likely seen  around here and on my instagram recently. As you know, he's been taking most of my photos. We have our own but not so dissimilar creative ventures. Photography is something that we have been exploring as of late.

Rhys is imaginative. He has great taste and a good eye for style and design. I've asked him a few questions as it is only right for you to get to know him...

First of all, what are you wearing?
Supreme Paris Cap
ASOS oversized denim jacket ft. many pins and patches
Dr. Bananas rugby top (picked up at CC, really nice)
ASOS houndstooth joggers
Nikelab AF1 "Nai Ke"

What brands or any fashion related things you're really into currently?
I know it's a bit of a cliche now but I'm really into Supreme, it's the only brand I'm enjoying consistently. I'm also into pins a lot, as you could tell, they are so damn good. A few months ago I went through a phase of addiction with them, every week there were more and more. Sadly since then, I've lost a few. It's heartbreaking.

So, what do you do?

I'm a recent graduate and graphic designer. I got lucky enough to get a sweet job straight out of uni designing clothing and graphics for high street brands. As well as Tesco and stuff which is kinda lame, but it's fun times.

As a graphic designer, have you always worked within the fashion route? You also have a brand, can you briefly talk about that?
Na I only actually got into the fashion side of things properly at the end of uni. Originally I was just into contemporary design and making things like zines. I still love all that stuff but around Christmas time 2014 I got the call up to design some stuff for The Basement X Sneakerhead UK collab and loved working on it. That actually inspired me to go ahead with my own solo brand, De-fec't

How do you find designing for such a big community like the basement? What's it like in comparison to designing for other brands?
Sounds wet but The Basement is a big part of my life now, and it feels good to give something back and be involved, plus the audience is 50k+ people and that's mad. Designing for the guys is fun and pretty pleasant. It feels like a hobby rather than a job. I've designed for some American brands in the past and it's been hell. It's also a lot more fun than my paid job. Haha.

Ha! The Basement is great.
You've shot some cool streetwear related photos and have been taking lots of amazing snaps for Le-Visualiste. What made you so keen about photography. Any exciting plans with this?

Well, I've always liked taking photos but I've never had the means or reasons to. Then after leaving uni I moved home, caught up with old friends and creatives and started taking photos using other people's cameras. I knew that I liked certain things when taking photos and after getting my own camera, I explored this, and still am every time I shoot. It's become a real passion of mine and who knows what the future holds with this, hopefully somewhere positive where I can pick it up more.

Rhys has also started a blog where he dumps most of his work. - DEFECTCOX.BLOGSPOT.COM
You can stalk/follow his instagram!


That Time In The Wharf

Last week, I had a quick stroll around the modern part of east London with Rhys. He captured the shiny Canary Wharf, my casual attire, and my lazy eye from having a tasty Italian dinner, la dolce vita and a few glasses of wine. Ha. A fine day, it was!

coat: Mango 
denim top: Vintage Wrangler 
jeans: Romwe 
bag: Lamoda
top: Zara 
footwear: Vans

photos by Rhys Cox


Crepe City

If you are from the UK and have a mere obsession with trainers. you must know about 'Crepe City'.

Crepe City is a sneaker event - a fashion and footwear festival where buying or trading trainers have been made physically possible, convenient and accessible. It has been going on for years and this was the second time I've visited. The sneaker culture and streetwear is celebrated through this event so not only will you see a hefty amount of trainers but you'll also come across different brands and unconventional labels. Those featured above are Ropes, Jason Markk, Sneakerser, Hidden Lab, SCRT, Dirty Rich and Reuben Dagoor's artwork.

I mainly prowled The Basement room and caught up with the "basement fam". Here's a little flashback of the day:

To see more of basement x crepe city related things. Check the basement's website and Rhys's snaps up on his blog.