Not Much Matters

This is the first series of a project by a London-based photographer Sophie Hetherington curated in the theme of London youth culture in an effortless & somewhat romantic vibe.

Sophie had the intention of capturing one's gestures in a stylised way that is more incidental rather than composed and intentional. Films like Kids and movies by Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant are some of the narratives and creative sources that inspired this style.

The look was matched around the romanticised casual vibe, styled by Hanne.

I fancied this idea and was thrilled to become part of it. Check out the girls' socials and follow Sophie to see more from the project.

(part 2 of this project will be posted soon)


Things have been paused for le-visualiste at the minute. 
There's been an overwhelmingly large amount of change happening recently - friends getting engaged/married, Instagram's algorithm, le-visualiste having it's own facebook page (you can get on that! *wink*), my hair roots getting longer and longer, my sleep getting shorter and shorter, one of my film cameras and my 3 m long iPhone charger breaking (2 very important matters), and many more.

I don't want to be that one friend with a typical 'Everyone's doing...but I'm just here like...' facebook status, tweets or what have you. However, if I try, it would probably go like this - "Everyone's getting married but I'm here diving through all the itch and stinks of most secondhand shops, looking for the coolest dad shirt." Although I am not quite certain if I got that right, I am pretty stoked with some of these life changes. This large dad shirt and vintage mum jeans are pretty ancient but turned refreshingly new. Thanks to the power of customisation.

shirt: Charity Shop
top: H&M
jeans: Vintage D&G
shoes: Converse
pins: random places


Midst of June

Hi, Hello, How's your June going?!

My month has been quite eventful. Apart from hysterically creasing and crying over It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there's the sweaty, sticky, warm days, some storms and a lot of random London outings.

I was hanging out in Highbury a few days ago and I found myself around the Emirates Stadium. It was a funky fun time (most especially for Rhys). I thought this outfit was pretty funky too.

tee: Uniqlo
jeans: Vintage D&G
shoes: Palladium
cap: Adidas x Neighborhood
bag: 5Preview

photos by Rhys Cox


Shiny Shoes and Super Sleeves



Now, I know this shirt is extra humongous. Not aware of the quite Vetements-like, everlasting sleeve situation that day, I went and took my new, white, figuratively shiny footwear for a quick stroll in town. The "invisible hands" or hands hidden beneath lengthy sleeves is quite an old story for a 5'1 smol girl like me. I guess it's really something cool now. I simply just appreciate the extra comfort it brings.

A double denim is another old tale and now a term I've made into a fashion adverb as I have double-denimly dressed countless of times. For some reason my natural instinct is to pair this Canadian Tuxedo looks with white shoes. This rad and robust oxfords from Palladium is perfect. I am obsessed with the classic durable rubber Palladium sole! A thick, sturdy sole with a single-unit mold/pattern shows great quality and attention to detail - as described by my photoG. 

shirt & shorts: Vintage Levi's
glasses: Bricklane Vintage Mkt.
bag: SCRT
shoes: Pampa Oxford - Palladium / Topshop

photos by Rhys Cox