Safety In Numbers

During my last week of stay in London, I was around Mayfair where The Basement pop up was. If you don't know what it's about, visit and be part of it to know. To get the gist of what the community stand for, visit their website and socials for now. The Basement has been such a rad fashion/streetwear community and most solid online hangout. It was great to see everyone's work in one blanc space — the merch, brands, artworks, basement faces — it all came together perfectly.

After being in London for months and months, I am now back in Somewhere-on-sea. My expressions might not say so but I'm pretty stoked to be here. Repping this basement 'safety in number' tee as I soak some Vitamin D and breathe the Essex airs.

t-shirt: The Basement
skirt: Forever 21
cap: Set Store
bag: SCRT
footgear: Old Skool Vans, Primark socks


A Toasty Play Day

A white tee and a pair of denim jeans combo is just like butter and toast. They are the most average yet very tasteful. Both are staple pieces that I just can never stop collecting/hoarding. As of late, my favourite would be these jeans from & Other Stories. They are like my second skin currently and I would say the same for this CDG Play number.

Something basic and easy is always good, just spread some jam, beans, or what have you with any accessories you fancy.

jeans: & Other Stories
sandals: Topshop
bag: 5Preview
watch: JORD Wood Watches


Happy Hours with Jord

What are your happy hours like? Spending a day out with my greatest grub gang (my family) is unquestionably forever worth my time.

Speaking of time, I am usually in a rush (always running late). I haven't had the chance to incorporate a watch in my everyday activities for such a while that I have forgotten how convenient and funky it makes the day. I managed to enjoy every minute of chasing the hour and stuffing my face with limitless meats, seafood, and good cold boozy beverages. This day of fun was accompanied by Jord Wood Watch

A hunt for a good stylish but simplistic timepiece has surely been a long one for me as I can be massively picky. However, when I was approached by JORD, I didn't hesitate to check it out. I am very appreciative of the brand's aesthetic and style. Their collection of luxurious watches had my attention and I found the wooden designs real refreshing. I have been wearing the Fieldcrest piece since I got it out of its neat packaging. The watch is quality and lighter than I expected. All in all, it's been a good time.


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Watch by JORD @

Luxury Wood Watch