In Sepia

A blood orange day

One Two Three... Twenty Four

Oh hi! It's been a while.
Here's the story so far... I turned 24 about a week ago and I've hidden under this bucket hat since! Nothing much changed. I'm still 5'3 (or '2. I don't really know). A gym membership was acquired yet I did not and cannot stop hankering for the most unhealthy foods around. A useful info here - cheese twists and baos are my comfort food currently. Also, matcha is still my favourite flavour. My excitement about the weather hasn't changed either. I adore the look of summer however I don't appreciate the feel of a hot day. Yellow socks are still cool in my eyes. That's an obsession I have developed this year but I try not to be over the top about it. Utilitarian attires are also all sorts of correct for me at the moment. 
There's a hell of a lot more to this little tale but I decided not to bore you. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

photo by Rhys Cox

wearing: Carhartt bucket hat, H&M tops, Monki bottoms, Vans slip-on, Defect bag

Type 001 by De-fec't

TYPE 001
Utility Bag

De-fec't is an independent brand catering accessories and clothing with a utilitarian aesthetic. Rhys has relaunched the label this month and released a versatile utility bag. You would have seen it all over my instagram! The bag features a variety of specifications. Ideally, it made to be worn as an over the shoulder bag or a crossbody. It has different attachments, enough pockets and has interchangeable clips and velcro patches for customisation. You would be surprised how much this product can do for you. It's been literally part of all my attires recently. It fits what I need for every day and more. Depending on what vibe you're going for, it allows you to alter your outfits instantly from simply switching its specs. Everything about this bag really represents De-fec't and the brand's utilitarian purpose. I couldn't help to become as severely involved so check the full capsule and say hi to the lookbook models aka me ft. Sufian.

I couldn't be any more proud of what Rhys has achieved. As a crazy proud girlfriend I am, I am overjoyed to see the response and support we've received. It has been as successful release and so by popular demand, you are now able to preorder AGAIN at the end of this week. So don't miss out and get all the info at /

Red Hot Day

photography: Rhys Cox

It was one hot day (about 27 exciting degrees) in Southend-on-sea. So you know, this is when everyone and their doges come out to play. Rhys and I strolled around the seaside. We savoured the summer breeze, caught some vitamin D and enjoyed dogspotting. I also brought this red hot shorts from 5 Preview along with me. Lifeguard vibes! I can't swim well so don't trust me with that. It's just the mood.



denim - Vintage
top - CDG Play
skirt - SheIn
bag - 5 Preview
pins - various pin stores
shoes - Adidas Gazelles

My nails are painted red, my clothes have bright hues and my glasses give me a good sight to the world that is more golden (or yellowish. I can't decide). I've never felt so colourful. I think I'm ready for a summer tea party or a cute little picnic somewhere. This skirt can definitely be a good use for those occasions.

On a one random hot day, I found myself scrolling through I nabbed a few skirts that I thought were perfect for the stunning weather. Unfortunately, this is the only item that fit me. I'm not entirely miserable about that because I am nearly obsessed and have been trying to not wear it every day. Gingham is a yay trend for me. Here's to looking like a little school girl in her summer uniform or a picnic mat forward slash my mum's tablecloth. It's all good!

Dump Collective in Patchwork

'A lookbook featuring Wåven's SS17 collection introducing founders of Dump'

photography: Iolo Edwards
models: - Casey, Harley, Chariza
curation & photo manipulation: Chariza Miranda
featuring brand: Waven

I've posted a few sneak-peeks of some pretty big deal on my instagram lately so if you are my instabuddy, you would have seen the handle '' many times there. Dump is a project I've been working on with my girls, Casey and Harley. We've set up a short female retreat last month. It was a social experiment showcasing self-awareness, body confidence, social interaction and human connection. A full story about the project will be shared on here very soon.

I guess here's a mini introduction of who the 'dumpers' are. We came together and set up a lookbook featuring Wåven's patched denim items from their SS17 collection. Kudos to Iolo for snapping our bond and tangles on a one hot day in May.

Spring Blues

jacket: Primark (old)
top: Topshop
bottoms: 5 Preview
shoes: Adidas Gazelles
sunnies: H&M

photography: Casey Narciso
image manipulation: Chariza

Missing in action, that's what I've been, but here's an update...

Current mood: Moderately happy, "busy", somewhat anxious, always hungry, staying cosy and still chasing dreams.  
Current sound: Sorority Noise 
Current faves: This cheap yellow sunglasses I grabbed from H&M, a sunny weather with a nice cool breeze, lovely long naps, these uber comfy bottoms from 5 Preview, 5 Preview, cheese twists, cold brewed coffee, RuPaul's drag race, Hosico cat (the best celebrity cat of instagram), my new slightly short hair that's not apparent in this photos as they were taken in the beginning of spring, a good matcha dessert or drink, etc. 

New posts are pending, so keep your eyes peeled my friends.

Enjoy your Sunday!