Beach Flex

sunglasses: Marni
jacket: Dickies
dress: Mango
Clarks trainers: Tower
tote bag: dump

I don't remember the last time I squeezed my feet in a pair of Clarks shoes. They've always set this reputation of being comfortable and all-around amazing (according to my mother anyway). Shoes like butter... that is quite literally what these Clarks Trigenic Flex trainers are. I didn't suspect loving the pair very much until I saw them in person at the Tower stall last month.

So, I took a little day trip down the beach with Rhys and this flexible hybrid of a soft mocassin and light trainers. We had a cosy day!

photos by: Rhys Cox / Chariza M.



Tower London x CC

I made my way to Crepe City a few days ago as a Tower guest and here's what went down.

Crepe City is not a new topic on this blog. As you may know, this sneaker event is always jam-packed with footwear, independent labels and also a number of well-known brands. Tower London, a family run business, is one of the fun retailers that were there. They curated a space a long with Eastpak and we got to check most of the brands they market. Tower has many to offer - not only shoes but also a handful of accessories. It was great to learn more about the brand in depth and what they stand for. Rhys and I have enjoyed our time with  Tower although we managed to do terribly at their infamous interactive machine/arcade - Donkey Kong. We'll try harder next time!


photos by Rhys Cox


Better Days

We talked about dressing like table cloths and picnic mats before. GINGHAM, the latest fad, we certainly can't overlook. It's everywhere!

The blinding print of these bottoms I call 'mermaid dinner lady' skirt and the snazzy top from SCRT are perfect together. Is there any outfit more valuable than one that holds a reminder that your days can be better? Today went just fine! I could probably start a hashtag '#wearyourgoals". Ha!

top:  SCRT 
skirt: SheIn
shoes: Vans
bag: Patta
sunnies: Jeepers Peepers



Asics Orginal Gel-lyte

top: Deck Clothing trousers: 5 Preview shoes: Asics Gel-Lyte sunglasses: Marni
tote: Dump
Feeling real cool in this OG gel-lyte series. I know I always discuss what shoes are appropriate for each season but these iconic Asics trainers are the latest pair in my shoe rack that boldly screams 'summer'.

I took them out for a run. "Run" really means shopping and savouring an Asian buffet (ha!). The trainers are light and comfortable. Shopping is a pain in the ankle but they gave me enough support to push through the day. The colour blocking feature makes these shoes really refreshing. I styled them with matching/complimentary blue tones and kept it cool and comfy. It's so much like a dad shoe. That's always a yes for me.

photography: Rhys Cox
manipulation: CM.



One Two Three... Twenty Four

Oh hi! It's been a while.
Here's the story so far... I turned 24 about a week ago and I've hidden under this bucket hat since! Nothing much changed. I'm still 5'3 (or '2. I don't really know). A gym membership was acquired yet I did not and cannot stop hankering for the most unhealthy foods around. A useful info here - cheese twists and baos are my comfort food currently. Also, matcha is still my favourite flavour. My excitement about the weather hasn't changed either. I adore the look of summer however I don't appreciate the feel of a hot day. Yellow socks are still cool in my eyes. That's an obsession I have developed this year but I try not to be over the top about it. Utilitarian attires are also all sorts of correct for me at the moment. 
There's a hell of a lot more to this little tale but I decided not to bore you. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

photo by Rhys Cox

wearing: Carhartt bucket hat, H&M tops, Monki bottoms, Vans slip-on, Defect bag


Type 001 by De-fec't

TYPE 001
Utility Bag

De-fec't is an independent brand catering accessories and clothing with a utilitarian aesthetic. Rhys has relaunched the label this month and released a versatile utility bag. You would have seen it all over my instagram! The bag features a variety of specifications. Ideally, it made to be worn as an over the shoulder bag or a crossbody. It has different attachments, enough pockets and has interchangeable clips and velcro patches for customisation. You would be surprised how much this product can do for you. It's been literally part of all my attires recently. It fits what I need for every day and more. Depending on what vibe you're going for, it allows you to alter your outfits instantly from simply switching its specs. Everything about this bag really represents De-fec't and the brand's utilitarian purpose. I couldn't help to become as severely involved so check the full capsule and say hi to the lookbook models aka me ft. Sufian.

I couldn't be any more proud of what Rhys has achieved. As a crazy proud girlfriend I am, I am overjoyed to see the response and support we've received. It has been as successful release and so by popular demand, you are now able to preorder AGAIN at the end of this week. So don't miss out and get all the info at www.defect.london / instagram.com/defect.london

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