DECK CLOTHING. A brand that has been featured here plenty of times. My relationship with this independent label and my love for it got more intensive that Rhys became hooked to it too. Today, we wore some of their really rad pieces under the damp and frosty weather. These hoodies are still available so if you want to grab something warm and cosy for the freezing days ahead, check them out!



Deck Stencil hoody
H&M puffer jacket
All Saint's trousers
Dr Marten's boots
UO bumbag

Deck Mitzi Hoody
Northface Nuptse II jacket
ASOS jeans
Palace cap
Deck socks
"Nai Ke" AF1 trainers

photos: Rhys Cox, Chariza Miranda


Recently Wearing 01

A not so curated entry of what I've been wearing recently.


Here's that completely "no fuzz" attire for a mini shopping spree featuring a Supreme tee, an oversized GAP jacket, some DIY'ed Vintage D&G jeans, a pair of cute Adidas Gazelle trainers and Urban Outfitters fur bumbag. Very well suited for a bum day.


I can't quite get my head around it but it's all been pink accents around here lately. There's something about this dusty pink trend that got to me. I'm enjoying these Uniqlo trousers a lot. I like pairing the rosey shade with earthy tones. 


On dull days, we wear black. On some cheerful days, I go onto an all black everything mode too. This puffer jacket, however, has brought more cheers and warmth than any other coat I've known to exist in le wardrobe. I'm also stoked to finally get my feet in this pair of Docs I've lusted for a while. Kudos to the boyfriend for being so great with gifting.


When you head out to catch up with your best pal and you realise you too caught each other's cosy smart vibe. The power of great minds thinking alike eh? We're usually more in sync than this.

I hope you enjoy series numero uno of 'Recently Wearing'. Out of the blue, I've decided that this will be more of a regular thing. We'll stick to that title for now as I haven't been quirky enough to think of something canny and not so common. 

See you next time!




Decked Out

 photos by Rhys Cox 
 clothes by DECK CLOTHING 

Oh, well, hello there!

The festivities has definitely got to me and now that the break is over, I've forgotten what to update you on. I've not done much. I've done nothing at all apart from soaking all the great times spent with all the incredible humans in my life. Here's me at my best, decked out in great garms from DECK and lounging in bed while Rhys and I go through a handful of Lindt chocolates he got from the holidays (not pictured sadly). There's no better way to do it than that I think.

Have a rad time you all!