Hair Talk

a long-awaited snip 

... and a long-awaited update. If you haven't guessed already, I gave my dehydrated monochromatic locks a fresh cut quite recently. I had a love and hate relationship with my past hairstyle. I initially planned to say goodbye and break my sour commitment with all the platinum strands of that interesting hair-do. Long hair is something I resent. However, I was stuck with trying to figure out what look I wanted to go for without ruining the already dry and dying strands I had to brush through every single day.

After a long and a very serious talk with myself (as you do), I decided to look for a stylist and came across KT, the sweetest gal hairdresser ever. After a few or do I say a lot of precise snips here and there, the new(ish) me happened.





Inhale & Exhale

I am feeling absolutely zen under the sharp light and shadows offered by this lovely springy weather. Inhaling and exhaling the charm of it all, you know... while it lasts.

One thing that makes clothes interesting to me is the way they transform your body. This oversized sweater from 5 Preview features unusual contemporary cuts and shape. As a 5ft something, I often choose to wear humungous clothing - huge is perpetually good to me (I think?). Oversized outfits either drowns you or elongates you but this fleecy jumper definitely gives a 'limbs-extending illusion' (ha). Also, isn't it just cool to find your jumper telling you to relax? It's a befitting item of clothing made for me for sure.

Hope you enjoy your Monday. There's still a long week approaching. Don't forget to breathe!

sunglasses: Rayban
sweater: 5Preview
trousers: Classic Chef trousers
shoes: Nike AF1

photography -  Casey Narciso 
manipulation - Chariza M.

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