Dump Collective in Patchwork

'A lookbook featuring Wåven's SS17 collection introducing founders of Dump'

photography: Iolo Edwards
models: @dump.co - Casey, Harley, Chariza
curation & photo manipulation: Chariza Miranda
featuring brand: Waven

I've posted a few sneak-peeks of some pretty big deal on my instagram lately so if you are my instabuddy, you would have seen the handle 'dump.co' many times there. Dump is a project I've been working on with my girls, Casey and Harley. We've set up a short female retreat last month. It was a social experiment showcasing self-awareness, body confidence, social interaction and human connection. A full story about the project will be shared on here very soon.

I guess here's a mini introduction of who the 'dumpers' are. We came together and set up a lookbook featuring Wåven's patched denim items from their SS17 collection. Kudos to Iolo for snapping our bond and tangles on a one hot day in May.