Better Days

We talked about dressing like table cloths and picnic mats before. GINGHAM, the latest fad, we certainly can't overlook. It's everywhere!

The blinding print of these bottoms I call 'mermaid dinner lady' skirt and the snazzy top from SCRT are perfect together. Is there any outfit more valuable than one that holds a reminder that your days can be better? Today went just fine! I could probably start a hashtag '#wearyourgoals". Ha!

top:  SCRT 
skirt: SheIn
shoes: Vans
bag: Patta
sunnies: Jeepers Peepers



Asics Orginal Gel-lyte

top: Deck Clothing trousers: 5 Preview shoes: Asics Gel-Lyte sunglasses: Marni
tote: Dump
Feeling real cool in this OG gel-lyte series. I know I always discuss what shoes are appropriate for each season but these iconic Asics trainers are the latest pair in my shoe rack that boldly screams 'summer'.

I took them out for a run. "Run" really means shopping and savouring an Asian buffet (ha!). The trainers are light and comfortable. Shopping is a pain in the ankle but they gave me enough support to push through the day. The colour blocking feature makes these shoes really refreshing. I styled them with matching/complimentary blue tones and kept it cool and comfy. It's so much like a dad shoe. That's always a yes for me.

photography: Rhys Cox
manipulation: CM.



One Two Three... Twenty Four

Oh hi! It's been a while.
Here's the story so far... I turned 24 about a week ago and I've hidden under this bucket hat since! Nothing much changed. I'm still 5'3 (or '2. I don't really know). A gym membership was acquired yet I did not and cannot stop hankering for the most unhealthy foods around. A useful info here - cheese twists and baos are my comfort food currently. Also, matcha is still my favourite flavour. My excitement about the weather hasn't changed either. I adore the look of summer however I don't appreciate the feel of a hot day. Yellow socks are still cool in my eyes. That's an obsession I have developed this year but I try not to be over the top about it. Utilitarian attires are also all sorts of correct for me at the moment. 
There's a hell of a lot more to this little tale but I decided not to bore you. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

photo by Rhys Cox

wearing: Carhartt bucket hat, H&M tops, Monki bottoms, Vans slip-on, Defect bag
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