The World Is Yours

Swedish brand, 5 Preview isn't new to this blog. The brand has become one of my most adored European labels. I picked a bunch of items from their  SS17 State of Mind collection . Matching sets are items I find a lot of fun (or easy) to style so I had to get my hands on the 'Ella' jacket and trousers. A polished look with a mix of cosy, a style that always strikes me, is what the Ella combo this set gives off. I paired them with a white tee to keep it simple, an embroidered socks reminding you 'the world is yours' for that quirky detail, trainers for comfort and a snazzy coloured sunglasses to see the world differently (intense saturation. ha!).

photos by Rhys Cox

Spring Blush

jacket: New Look
t-shirt: CDG Play
trousers: Uniqlo
shoes: New Balance
necklaces: Hello Harriet

photos by: Mabdulle

Did you know spring season is now? I got a pleasant spring welcome from a cloudy weather and the 27 mph winds though which was lovely (when will I stop with my sarcastic remarks? probably never). Anyway, if you were here last month, you would have seen me styled a few denim items from New Look. This is part deux. A blushing one this time - combining different hues of nude(ish) pink. SPRINGY! Thanks to my best buddy Mo for always producing snazzy photos of me.

Nike Flyknit Racers

I received a goddess through the mail and it's one from Nike. A flyknit racer that is for sure heavenly. Spring and summer will be light and cosy with this pair! Another +1 point to Nike for keeping me comfy again this season.

top: Champion
hoodie: SCRT
jacket: Dickies
trousers: Zara
specs: Eye Buy Direct
shoes: Nike Flyknit Racer 'Goddess'

photos by: Harley Jennifer and Chariza M.

A Blue Business

top: SCRT
trousers: One O Eight
coat: Mango
choker: Lamoda, random
shoes: Vans

Black and blue I'm feeling you...

A random outfit snapped this weekend. I had my favourite SCRT tee on and these big trousers from One O Eight. I ate a lot, discussed ideas for an upcoming project (I will update you on this soon, ha!), listened to a lot of Sorority Noise and spent a lot of time in bed. FUN!


I'm not particularly pumped with anything, but I had an urge to post something.

A very impromptu schedule and not having a permanent space to stay at has clearly resulted to an unhealthy state of mind. Now I'm back in my good ol' nook in Essex, sat on a not so glamorous red of the reddest carpet that I missed the least, clearing out (trying my hardest at this point) a wardrobe full of 60% untouched pieces of garms... Why am I not crying yet? How irrelevant is the title of this post eh? I did get this shoes/pumps. They're cute so that pumped up my mood I guess.

I hope that was somehow an enlighting read. HA! Happy Sunday.